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All information in this section is for members only. Please do not share your Username and Password with non-members. Names and contact information are provided to assist members in collaborating on society projects and in genealogical research. The use of this information for commercial, political, personal, or religious purposes is strictly forbidden. It would show a lack of respect for the privacy of our members and would reduce their willingness to share contact data. Any violation will be considered a serious offense.

Just as you would not share your private family conversations with the general public, please do not share our newsletters, board meeting notes, etc with non-members. In an effort to keep our members well informed, we are exceptionally open with this data within our membership. However, it is not intended for public dissemination.

4 Responses to Member Area

  1. debbie bitts says:

    Hello Fellow Members of GSSWI,
    Thank you for your gracious welcome last Monday. I am thrilled to be a member of GSSWI. Already making discoveries thanks to you and your members. A thrilling adventure awaits.
    Looking forward to next month,
    Debbie Bitts

  2. LaurieRWA34 says:

    This section of the website is really valuable. I have not been able to attend meetings these past 6+ months and have kept up with what is going on through the member area.

    I have signed up to index the 1940 census and have given GSSWI as my affiliation…and am indexing every chance I get.

  3. jane says:

    I respect and am willing to keep this and newsletters,board meeting notes private from non-members. Jane Tidball

  4. gardenerjan says:

    Thanks to Bob Richardson I was able to get onto the member section of the website. For anyone else who forgets their password, you need to remove the s from the address that is sent to you if it doesn’t work to click it. I was using webmail while we were on a trip and so couldn’t just click it. We are fortunate to have Bob as a resource for our website and all the other technical stuff.
    Thanks Bob,
    Jan Martin

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